Downloading and printing off the Abundance Handbook

Last November, we posted this link to The Abundance Handbook we produced a while ago to help Abundancers plan and execute their fruit tree harvesting activities.

However, we see there was a problem with this!

Unless you have a full duplexing printer, you will only be able to print out on one side of a sheet.

We didn’t give instructions as to how to actually print it out to get a sensible booklet, rather than a collection of individual sheets, leaving the reader somewhat perplexed as to which page came next.

After much waste toner and paper, we have it all figured out, so here are the full instructions…

  1. Click on ‘The Abundance Handbook‘ link above (…or this one even!), and it will open in a new page within your browser.
  2. Resist the temptation to click ‘Print’ from the Adobe plug-in running in your browser! If you do click ‘Print’, then even though it may look perfect on the screen, odds on, your printer will print garbage.
  3. Instead, click ‘Save’ from the top right hand menu. This will save the handbook to your hard drive.
  4. Now navigate to your ‘Downloads’ folder, then double-click the file you just downloaded from there. This will fire up the proper, full version of Adobe, rather than the cut-down version the runs as a plug-in from your browser.
  5. You will now have the full handbook displayed in the proper Adobe, and from there you can click ‘Print’.
  6. This will bring up another menu, and you will see that there are various options for printing. Don’t blindly hit ‘Print’ here -we need to set the printer and file up enable it to print odd and even pages in the correct order.
  7. There will be a box saying something like ‘Further Options’. Click this, and you should see choices that allow for odd, even or reverse-printing of pages.
  8. Click ‘Odd’, then ‘Print’, and your printer should then print only the odd pages.
  9. When this has finished, take the whole stack (15 sheets) of paper from the printer output tray, then put them in the input tray, noting the orientation of the paper. Different printers print out in different ways, so this may be a little trial-and-error here.
  10. Now you have the odd sheets already printed and back in the input tray, go back to your print menu and select ‘Even’ pages, and also select ‘Reverse’ printing. This gets the pages in the correct order.
  11. Hit ‘Print’ and it should print the even pages, so your output sheets should be the complete booklet with both sides printed correctly.
  12. When the printer has finished, tap the paper to get all the pages in line, then use a stapler to put two or three staples vertically, exactly in the centre of the pages.
  13. Ta-Dah.  You now have The Abundance Handbook!

Alternatively, if you feel that all this is just too much messing about, and you’re low on toner/ink anyway, then in a short while, we will have this handbook ready-printed and for sale on this site.

Watch this space for details!



Take Part in a Study and Earn Money!

The Geography Department of Sheffield University under Peter Jackson, including David Evans and Angela Meah are conducting a study on  ‘Understanding the Perceived Freshness of Food’ -please see the attached .pdf HERE.

During this study, they would like to question people about their perceptions of ‘freshness’, then shadow volunteers as they shop and even cook, possibly making videos of these activities.

As a reward, they are offering £50.00 in gift vouchers of your choice.

If you think you may be interested, then click on the preview to the right here to download the .pdf and get in touch -they’d love to hear from you!

Abundance Details

Abundance 2016 Season

Abundance is a volunteer based organisation which rescues, shares, cooks and processes fruit across Sheffield from going to waste. Tree owners donate the fruit they don’t want, volunteers take some and we share the best fruit with the community (e.g. food banks, lunch clubs, support centres)

The rest we cook or juice together in the community.

This 2016 season we are working with 3 partner organisations offering weekly Abundance Training/Drop In Sessions, where people can gain life and job skills and meet friendly faces.

Certificates for participation with skills learned available.

Tuesdays 10-12.30 at Parson Cross Initiative, based at Mount Tabor Methodist Church, Wordsworth Avenue (junction with Southey Hill) S5 8NJ Open to all. 29th Nov/ Dec: 6th, 20th Jan: 3rd, 10th 17th

Wednesdays 2-5pm with Timebuilders at St Bart’s Church Centre, Primrose Hill, S6 2UW. Open to all. 30th Nov/ Dec: 7th, 14th 21st, 28th /Jan: 4th, 11th 18th  

Thursdays 11-2pm at Shipshape Health and Well Being Centre, The Stable, Sharrow Lane S11 8AE Dec: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th /Jan: 5th

Sessions are open to anyone in Sharrow, Heeley, Highfield, City centre, Netheredge, Broomhall. (Funding is area based)

We are very grateful to Awards For All (Lottery) and Lush Cosmetics for making these activities possible.

Abundance also harvests and makes chutney city-wide through a network of volunteers.

Check us out for more info! Facebook group Abundance Sheffield Project and Abundance Sheff.

07527279977/ 07984 310412

Hire a Christmas Tree!

Hire a Xmas tree from Greave House Farm Trust!!

‘’We look after pot grown Christmas trees that we use as a windbreak christmas-tree-imagearound our market garden. We hire them out at Christmas then take them back to carry on living in their pots. Mostly between 4 and 5 foot. We re pot them if needed. They are Fraser Firs. We are charging £35-40 plus £5 for delivery and collection back. This year we can only deliver to Stocksbridge and Deepcar but if you are further afield you need to come and collect. Text Barbara on 07724 505 911 to order.

It’s a great Eco friendly way of having a real tree.”

Update for Sheffield Medical Herb Growers Meeting

Just to confirm the meeting at 7.30pm-9pm Tuesday 22nd November

It will be held in the Medium Hall, the Old Junior School near the bottom of Sharrow Lane.



Sharrow Community Forum
Old Junior School
South View Road
South Yorkshire S7 1DB
Telephone: 0114 250 838

A reminder of why you were invited and what we hope to achieve;

You are invited to attend an open meeting, either to see if you would like to be involved or to find out how we might benefit each other.  We would appreciate any input, to find out how we might benefit people involved in different aspects of herbs, i.e. herbalists, local growers, community groups, in fact, anyone interested in medicinal herbs.

During the course of the evening we hope to discover and clarify the direction we intend to take as a group.

I do hope you can all make it.

Any one else you know who might be interested?…. do invite them along.

Best wishes,

Catriona  (07787 568 338)

GS/Abundance prepares for Xmas!

GS/Abundance prepares for Xmas!

On Sunday 27th November Vanessa, John and local Abundance chums will be running the traditional stall outside Just Natural on Crookes (it’s on the map!, from 10.30 to 2.30, selling chutney, jam and vegetarian mincemeat – and our fabulous fruit trees.

Grow SheffieldThis year the stall is part of the wonderful Crookes Forum street market that runs all day. Please come along and support this great event and also offer to do a stint on our stall. Contact Vanessa on 07958 472837 or

There is also a special Abundance preserves workshop – the ‘Xmas Cook- In’ when we shall be making the very special Abundance Vegetarian Apple and Brandy Mincemeat. This is on Wednesday 23rd November at the Crooked Café on Crookes (it’s on the map!, at 7pm. If you would like to come and chop stir and chat, then contact Vanessa to book a place 07958 472837 or

Victoria Centre Quiz Night

Quiz Night!

An Autumn Quiz, hosted by The Victoria Centre, Victoria Methodist Church, Stafford Road, S2 2SEVictoria Centre Quiz

From 7.00pm ’til late, this fun night is in support of the centre to help with running costs.

Tickets are just £7.00 each, and there will be teams of between 4 and six people, and are available by email to:

You don’t have three to five friends to bring? No worries!

Simply turn up and meet new people who will be part of your team!