Sheffield Fruit Trees

Grow Sheffield/Abundance is growing fruit trees!

  • raised chemical-free;
  • grafted with graft wood sourced from local trees
  • some ‘heritage’ varieties
  • tended by our friends and supporters –
  • all suited to a Yorkshire climate.
  • mulched with hops from local breweries.
Get in Touch

For prices and availability,
give us a call on 07508 269 388
Send us an email: grow(at)

Plant one (or more!) and help us to keep local varieties thriving.GKT092011_147

Beighton Keeper, Broomhall Russet, Meadowhead Cooker, Sharrow Quince, …… What will you choose??

Here are our current stock lists  Choose from bare rooted, potted, semi dwarf or semi vigorous, from one to three years old.

Note – bare rooted trees will only be delivered for planting in the dormant season November to February.

For more information about what would be suitable for your requirements please get in touch.

Grafting Workshop - Pete and Daniele demonstrate
Rick & Andrew tending trees May 2014 small
Richmond Park - planting fruit trees

Images of Tree Planting