Pruning Services

Want somebody to look after your trees in a
sensitive and respectful way?

We are ecologically-minded tree pruners,
specialising in fruit tree work.

Polite Pruners
  • We have many years of experience working with fruit trees, including running workshops as part of Grow Sheffield’s Abundance project.
  • We practice the ‘art’ of pruning trees for the health of the tree, to encourage direction of growth and to improve quantity and quality of the harvest.
  • We use hand tools where possible for precision and safety (and for peacefulness!)
  • We are friendly and reliable …and always polite!
  • We aim to be as eco-sensitive as possible, travelling by bike if there is no load to carry, making sure ‘waste’ goes onto another use (compost or firewood), and most of all, working with the tree rather than against it.

For general enquiries or if you would like to request

a quote please email

Alternatively you can phone Daniele on 07535 653 842 or James on 07422 575 853