Sheffield Food Strategy

Work has begun to re-start the stalled Sheffield Food Strategy. We attended a consultation workshop on Wednesday 6 November to find out about the work and discussions that had been done within the local authority recently and plans for continued developments. The event was opened by Graham Moore, the Chair of the new Food and Physical Activity Board, followed by a presentation from Cllr Jack Scott, outlining their thinking to date around proposed priorities within the Food Strategy over the next 2 years. (A copy of the presentation slides available here). There were then two rounds of discussions in groups, one on the proposed vision and strategic priorities, and one for further discussion on the priority areas.

Notes from the session (written up from the flipcharts) can be downloaded here. A summary of the key messages from the notes has been emailed around to attendees. It said:

“The big message for the vision was to emphasise the culture change needed and the importance of learning and food literacy.

Food Poverty seems to be reinforced as a priority but people were concerned that we need our politicians to lobby on our behalf to reverse the trends. Food waste was very important to many people, as were healthy eating and food growing but above all when we discussed the priorities for our future work this was about the processes and levers we can affect to make change, policy, procurement, regulation, communication and education for example.”

Grow Sheffield aim to stay involved with these discussions as they progress. If you are interested in getting involved too, you can email Jill Lancaster to be added to the email list.