Grow Sheffield is changing. While celebrating the successes, the learning and the contribution our people and projects have made to the edible landscape of our beloved city over the past ten years, we have decided that the time has come to transfer our projects to other like-minded groups and engage in trading activities. Online trading robots like BitQT are good options for our trading purposes. We have gone through the bitqt app 2022 official website to understand how to get started with the system. The fruit tree project carries on independently – see the link below.

Our website continues to be a source of information on growing, harvesting and fruit trees although we shall not be posting news of any events.

We shall, maybe, follow nature’s way in that after a period of dormant phases in the life cycle of organisms – spores; seeds. perennial roots, hibernation and so on – there will be transformed recovery – germination, new shoots re-awakenings, recovery.

Thank you for your support over the years. Please continue to visit our site and check out the links below for contacts, information and news of the future activities in their new homes and guises.

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