Sheffield has the most trees of any city in Western Europe!

While many of these trees are not fruit-bearing, there are many others that are.

These fruit trees are on common ground, planted on roadside grass verges, or even in individual gardens.Abundance

Most of the time, these trees are forgotten about, and when it comes time to harvest, the fruit is neglected, and falls to the ground or pavement unwanted; squashed underfoot or ground into the pavement.

Here are Grow Sheffield, we believe that these trees should be properly harvested, and the fruit shared out amongst the community, either as fruit, or made into pickles and preserves for storage and use throughout the year.

Abundance buttonThe Abundance Project aims to stop this waste by helping people harvest their fruit, then helping either re-distribute it to worthy food bank projects, or helping to run workshops so the public can learn the wonderful art of home preserving of fruit.

And you can help us!

If you have a tree the needs harvesting, or you’d like to give us a hand harvesting trees in your area, then drop us a line via our messaging system, or give us a call and we can arrange this with you.

We look forward to your call or message!

Click here for a .pdf download of the current list of distribution points for our Abundance Project.

If you have ripe fruit that is in danger of simply falling to the ground and rotting, why not give the nearest organisation to you a call or send them an email?

All fruit is gratefully received and goes directly to those who need it most.

Click to download our ‘Abundance Handbook‘.

For details on how to print this out, click here.