Allotment Soup 2010

Grow Sheffield cooked our fourth allotment soup on Sunday, September 26, 2010 at the magical site in Rivein Valley.

The rain-free day involved following a ribbon trail which lead guests through dancing, wire installations, willow sculpting, children’s activities and painting with natural dyes. There were some scarecrows hiding in the tall grass along the river bank and campaigning against world food speculations in the corner. At the end of the event all visitors and participants gathered around the fire to enjoy some soup and share their thoughts about the day in the Allotment Soup comments book.

Many thanks to artists Ruthie Ford, Luisa Golob, Heather Ronson, Lois Palferan, Patrick Amber, Trevor Tomlin, Charlie Hill, Ruth and Derek Davenport, Boomshanka Belly Dancers, the artists from the community allotment project at LEAF and representatives from the World Development Movent Sheffiled for bringing their colours and flair to Allotment Soup.

Many thanks to the very arty growers from Rivellin Valley Allotment Co-operative who invited Allotment Soup visitors to look and see their growing projects. Allotment Soup was made very juicy thanks to all the Abundance freshly pressed apple and pear juice which flowed like a river through the day.Allotment Soup was supported by a small grant from Sheffield City Council.

Thanks to Jane and the rest of the staff from the lovely Rivellin Valley Park Café for cooking tasty soup and cake from the fresh Rivelin allotments produce.

Photos: Bob Levene