This year the festival took place on Sunday 27 September 2009 in Broomhall a vibrant, central area of Sheffield with a unique identity.
Performers, poets, visual artists, dancers, sound artists and others were invited to respond to the many different sites around Broomhall that are kindly hosting the festival.
The main meeting point of the day was the outdoor community space opposite Holberry Gardens Allotments. Artists displayed or performed their work on the small but beautiful Allotments as well as other unique sites in the area including ‘guerilla’ community gardens, secret gardens and growing plots next to high rise flats. Guests toured the area using a map and guided by ushers to engage with the art and talk to food growers. Visitors on the day were invited to view artists and the food grower’s intriguing growing sites and exciting artistic endeavors around Broomhall allotments. The day ended at the community space on Holberry Gardens (a great small auditorium like space) for and end of day celebration.
This was the third Allotment Soup and was supported by Broomhall Forum.