SAGE Greenfingers Job Advert

The well-respected Sheffield-based mental health charity is seeking a community and corporate fundraiser to develop SAGE’s internal communications and marketing systems and products, as well as developing sustainable income streams from a variety of community and corporate sources.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you could do for 22.5 hours per week, then click on the logo to the right, or click here to download the details. This will open in a new tab.

The closing date is 12 noon Monday 13th March 2017.

Plant a Tree. For Free!

While we Sheffielders may be blessed with the largest number of trees of any city in Northern Europe, nationally, or tree cover is only 13% – compared with the avergae European cover of 37%.Woodland Trust Image Tree

So, the Woodland Trust is running a major campaign to re-forest Britain!

You can help by visiting their website here, filling in a very simple form, then you can claim your free tree seed pack.

However, if fruit trees are more your thing; if you want to enjoy eating the yearly offerings of your trees, then you might want to look at our fruit tress here.

Freeman College – Ruskin Mill Trust -Job Opportunity

A vacancy has arisen at Ruskin Mill Trust for an enthusiastic individual to work as a Landworker at High Riggs Bio-dynamic Market Garden in Stannington, Sheffield.Ruskin Mill

To see the advert for this exciting job, simply click the Ruskin Mill logo to the right…

…Or click here.

The closing date is Monday 27th February at 12 noon, so if you think it’s for you, don’t delay!

Maltravers Terrace Orchard Planting Event

Grow Sheffield, Best Start, Manor and Castle Development Trust (MCDT) and Great Places invite you and your family to Wybourn’s community planting event!

The fruits of our labour will be for the residents of Wybourn to share and enjoy over the coming years. The Grow Sheffield team will be available to show you how to plant and care for fruit trees.

Childcare and refreshments will be provided.

On: Saturday 25 February 2017

From: 11.30am–3pm

Where: The Corner House, 333 Manor Oaks Road

For more information contact: Vanessa; Grow Sheffield 07508 269388 or Fiona; Best Start 07722 743 383

Sharrow Lantern Carnival 2017

Sharrow Lantern Carnival is back and this year the theme is …

The parade will take place on SUNDAY 9th APRIL – SAVE THE DATE!

Gathering at Mount Pleasant Park at 7.30pm, Sunday 9th April:
Set off at 8.00pm
– Parade 8.00pm – 9.00pm
– Arrive at Sheffield General Cemetery 9.00 – 10.30 for food, dancing, music, fire spinning and more!

In the run up to the big day we will be holding lantern making workshops from Feb-April at Old Junior School. If you’d like to attend the workshops, volunteer, or help us out in any other way, please read on to find out more!

(Click on the image to open a new page to see the enlarged version.)

Growing Workshop!

Thursday 2nd February (the same workshop held twice)
– Union Street co-working space
Address is Union Street Co-working, 18-20 Union Street, Sheffield S1 2JP (opposite ‘Howden House’ council office)

This time we’ll be learning about growing hardy peas – as usual you’ll get some to plant and take with you.
We’ll also be looking towards the upcoming growing season with planning what to grow this year.

Feel free to bring photos/sketches of your growing spaces for tailored tips
This a pay-as-you-feel event (suggestion £5-7)
Here’s the facebook event pages:
5.30 start

(If you use facebook, please register your interest for just one so I can get an idea of numbers for each)

Hope to see you there!

Heeley City Farm Seed Sunday

A little bit late, but please see the enlosed poster.

This Sunday the 29th between 12 noon and 4.00pm, Heeley City Farm are hosting a ‘Seed Sunday’ where you can swap seeds with fellow growers and enthusiasts.

Simply click on the post to the right for an enlarged version and full details.

Polite Pruners 2017

Our favourite groups of tree surgeons are back for 2017!

Daniele and James really are expert pruners, and as they specialise in fruitPolite Pruners 2017 tree care and pruning, they are the obvious choice of experts to keep your trees in the best of health.

Call Daniele on 07535 653 842 or James on 07422 575 853 to arrange a no-obligation visit.

Click on the image to the right to show their large poster.

Fruit Trees Updated!

Vanessa has very kindly done a stock-take of the Grow Sheffield Fruit trees, and has then updated the stock lists.Fruit Trees

They are on the fruit trees page here!

If you’d like a proper ‘Sheffield’ fruit tree (or more then one!) that has been specifically grown for our local climate using only organic methods, then you really should check out the page and get in touch.

We’ll hopefully be grafting some new trees this coming March to continue this very popular project.

Stay tuned for details!

Downloading and printing off the Abundance Handbook

Last November, we posted this link to The Abundance Handbook we produced a while ago to help Abundancers plan and execute their fruit tree harvesting activities.

However, we see there was a problem with this!

Unless you have a full duplexing printer, you will only be able to print out on one side of a sheet.

We didn’t give instructions as to how to actually print it out to get a sensible booklet, rather than a collection of individual sheets, leaving the reader somewhat perplexed as to which page came next.

After much waste toner and paper, we have it all figured out, so here are the full instructions…

  1. Click on ‘The Abundance Handbook‘ link above (…or this one even!), and it will open in a new page within your browser.
  2. Resist the temptation to click ‘Print’ from the Adobe plug-in running in your browser! If you do click ‘Print’, then even though it may look perfect on the screen, odds on, your printer will print garbage.
  3. Instead, click ‘Save’ from the top right hand menu. This will save the handbook to your hard drive.
  4. Now navigate to your ‘Downloads’ folder, then double-click the file you just downloaded from there. This will fire up the proper, full version of Adobe, rather than the cut-down version the runs as a plug-in from your browser.
  5. You will now have the full handbook displayed in the proper Adobe, and from there you can click ‘Print’.
  6. This will bring up another menu, and you will see that there are various options for printing. Don’t blindly hit ‘Print’ here -we need to set the printer and file up enable it to print odd and even pages in the correct order.
  7. There will be a box saying something like ‘Further Options’. Click this, and you should see choices that allow for odd, even or reverse-printing of pages.
  8. Click ‘Odd’, then ‘Print’, and your printer should then print only the odd pages.
  9. When this has finished, take the whole stack (15 sheets) of paper from the printer output tray, then put them in the input tray, noting the orientation of the paper. Different printers print out in different ways, so this may be a little trial-and-error here.
  10. Now you have the odd sheets already printed and back in the input tray, go back to your print menu and select ‘Even’ pages, and also select ‘Reverse’ printing. This gets the pages in the correct order.
  11. Hit ‘Print’ and it should print the even pages, so your output sheets should be the complete booklet with both sides printed correctly.
  12. When the printer has finished, tap the paper to get all the pages in line, then use a stapler to put two or three staples vertically, exactly in the centre of the pages.
  13. Ta-Dah.  You now have The Abundance Handbook!

Alternatively, if you feel that all this is just too much messing about, and you’re low on toner/ink anyway, then in a short while, we will have this handbook ready-printed and for sale on this site.

Watch this space for details!