Downloading and printing off the Abundance Handbook

Last November, we posted this link to The Abundance Handbook we produced a while ago to help Abundancers plan and execute their fruit tree harvesting activities.

However, we see there was a problem with this!

Unless you have a full duplexing printer, you will only be able to print out on one side of a sheet.

We didn’t give instructions as to how to actually print it out to get a sensible booklet, rather than a collection of individual sheets, leaving the reader somewhat perplexed as to which page came next.

After much waste toner and paper, we have it all figured out, so here are the full instructions…

  1. Click on ‘The Abundance Handbook‘ link above (…or this one even!), and it will open in a new page within your browser.
  2. Resist the temptation to click ‘Print’ from the Adobe plug-in running in your browser! If you do click ‘Print’, then even though it may look perfect on the screen, odds on, your printer will print garbage.
  3. Instead, click ‘Save’ from the top right hand menu. This will save the handbook to your hard drive.
  4. Now navigate to your ‘Downloads’ folder, then double-click the file you just downloaded from there. This will fire up the proper, full version of Adobe, rather than the cut-down version the runs as a plug-in from your browser.
  5. You will now have the full handbook displayed in the proper Adobe, and from there you can click ‘Print’.
  6. This will bring up another menu, and you will see that there are various options for printing. Don’t blindly hit ‘Print’ here -we need to set the printer and file up enable it to print odd and even pages in the correct order.
  7. There will be a box saying something like ‘Further Options’. Click this, and you should see choices that allow for odd, even or reverse-printing of pages.
  8. Click ‘Odd’, then ‘Print’, and your printer should then print only the odd pages.
  9. When this has finished, take the whole stack (15 sheets) of paper from the printer output tray, then put them in the input tray, noting the orientation of the paper. Different printers print out in different ways, so this may be a little trial-and-error here.
  10. Now you have the odd sheets already printed and back in the input tray, go back to your print menu and select ‘Even’ pages, and also select ‘Reverse’ printing. This gets the pages in the correct order.
  11. Hit ‘Print’ and it should print the even pages, so your output sheets should be the complete booklet with both sides printed correctly.
  12. When the printer has finished, tap the paper to get all the pages in line, then use a stapler to put two or three staples vertically, exactly in the centre of the pages.
  13. Ta-Dah.  You now have The Abundance Handbook!

Alternatively, if you feel that all this is just too much messing about, and you’re low on toner/ink anyway, then in a short while, we will have this handbook ready-printed and for sale on this site.

Watch this space for details!



Abundance Details

Abundance 2016 Season

Abundance is a volunteer based organisation which rescues, shares, cooks and processes fruit across Sheffield from going to waste. Tree owners donate the fruit they don’t want, volunteers take some and we share the best fruit with the community (e.g. food banks, lunch clubs, support centres)

The rest we cook or juice together in the community.

This 2016 season we are working with 3 partner organisations offering weekly Abundance Training/Drop In Sessions, where people can gain life and job skills and meet friendly faces.

Certificates for participation with skills learned available.

Tuesdays 10-12.30 at Parson Cross Initiative, based at Mount Tabor Methodist Church, Wordsworth Avenue (junction with Southey Hill) S5 8NJ Open to all. 29th Nov/ Dec: 6th, 20th Jan: 3rd, 10th 17th

Wednesdays 2-5pm with Timebuilders at St Bart’s Church Centre, Primrose Hill, S6 2UW. Open to all. 30th Nov/ Dec: 7th, 14th 21st, 28th /Jan: 4th, 11th 18th  

Thursdays 11-2pm at Shipshape Health and Well Being Centre, The Stable, Sharrow Lane S11 8AE Dec: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th /Jan: 5th

Sessions are open to anyone in Sharrow, Heeley, Highfield, City centre, Netheredge, Broomhall. (Funding is area based)

We are very grateful to Awards For All (Lottery) and Lush Cosmetics for making these activities possible.

Abundance also harvests and makes chutney city-wide through a network of volunteers.

Check us out for more info! Facebook group Abundance Sheffield Project and Abundance Sheff. [email protected]

07527279977/ 07984 310412

The Grow Sheffield Abundance Handbook

Since our site reorganisation a few weeks ago, it seems that the link to The Grow Sheffield Abundance Handbook had disappeared!

Well here it is again!

It is in Adobe .pdf format, and if you click on the link above, it should open in a new window.

From the boxes at the top right, choose ‘Download’ to download a copy for yourself for you to print out at your leisure.

About Abundance

abundance logo

Do you like fruit? Do you like free fruit? Are you interested in using local resources to benefit your community?

The Abundance project was created in Sheffield in 2007 by Grow Sheffield. Teams of volunteers harvest the seasonal glut of fruit across the city and redistribute this surplus to the local community on a non profit making basis.

Abundance aims to reconnect communities with their local food resources and to provide skills, training and practical advice in order to utilise and develop these for the benefit of everyone.

Our project volunteers also plant fruit trees, offer workshops on fruit tree pruning and grafting and run chutney and jam making workshops. See our events page for forthcoming activities.

We are also now selling fruit trees, grafted and tended by volunteers and supporters. These are local heritage varieties of fruit that are in danger of being lost, and planting more trees will help to preserve them and ensure future abundance in Sheffield.

You can get involved by either volunteering or perhaps you have fruit trees in your garden that you would like us to harvest? Please do get in touch, visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @abundancesheff

Visit the Abundance network website for more information on established groups across the UK


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Our Abundance Hubs

All our hubs are quite fluid and transient and they have an inherent ability to move and expire constantly. The areas that we are focussing on this year are;

Nether Edge/SharrowWalkley/Crookes/UpperthorpeMeadowhead/Greenhill/NortonWestfieldGreystones/EcclesallHeeley/MeersbrookMillhousesSouthey/NorwoodHillsborough/Wisewood

Our Abundance Project Leader is Lucy.

You can contact Lucy at [email protected]


FREE Fruit Tree grafting workshops

So, its March already, and Spring seems to have usurped Winter from its icy throne, temporarily at least…Like me you may be quite sceptical that Winter has given up the ghost completely but it seems the plants and trees are willing to gamble on it. What this all means to the pragmatists here at Abundance HQ is that we need to buck up our ideas a little, stop hibernating and do some grafting….fruit tree grafting, that is!
If you’re interested in learning the art of fruit tree grafting, in identifying your rootstock from your scion, your M26 from your St Julian A and having a go at doing it yourself, then look no further.
We’ll be running a number of open workshops on how to graft apple, plum, and cherry trees using the ‘whip and tongue’ technique throughout March and into April. The workshops are FREE and you will get to take your own tree home with you if you help us graft some more – we’re aiming to graft around 600 trees this year!
What to bring:
> Graftwood: The apple of your eye! If you’ve always wanted to propagate a special apple, plum or cherry tree then nows your chance. Bring graftwood to a session and make some baby trees with it. If you’re unsure how to take cuttings from said tree, check out thisyoutube video.
> Warm clothes: We will probably be outside for the session (with shelter), so please anticipate a cold day.
> Something to eat and/or drink: If you’re coming for the whole day (which is ideal) you may want to bring a packed lunch.

Below are the dates for the workshops. If you’d like to attend any of them please book a place by emailing or phoning me so I have an idea of numbers, as places are limited. N.B. Session dates are subject to change – there may also be more added.

Saturday 8th, 10am – 4pm: Greave House Farm Volunteer Day.
For instructions on how to get to the farm you can look at their website here. 


Wednesday 12th, 1pm – 5pm: Student EATS session, The Huerta (behind Yorkshire Artspace, Brown Street, S1)

Sunday 16th, 12pm – 5pm: Public session, School For Vegetables, Grimesthorpe Allotments (see events calendar for full address)


Saturday 22nd, 11am – 5pm: Public session, venue TBC


Sunday 30th, 12pm – 5pm: Public session, Meersbrook Allotments


Saturday 5th, 11am – 5pm: Public session, Meersbrook Allotments

Abundance Week 2013

It feels a bit like Christmas when you’re a kid – the anticipation builds up for what seems like forever, the day itself comes, is glorious, then passes in the blink of an eye; the harvest season is almost over and if you’ve been in the thick-of-it, like we at Grow Sheffield have then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Alas, its the time of year again when we say farewell to the harvest….but not without a mighty good send-off!

Around here we call that send off ABUNDANCE WEEK and its happening from November 22nd to December 1st (a bit longer than a week in fact…). There’ll be all kinds of frolicking and frivolity to be had from artful-browsing to apple-chopping, from cider-making to ceilidh-dancing!

You can keep up-to-date with what’s going on by checking our events page between now and the end of December.