Polite Pruners 2017

Our favourite groups of tree surgeons are back for 2017!

Daniele and James really are expert pruners, and as they specialise in fruitPolite Pruners 2017 tree care and pruning, they are the obvious choice of experts to keep your trees in the best of health.

Call Daniele on 07535 653 842 or James on 07422 575 853 to arrange a no-obligation visit.

Click on the image to the right to show their large poster.

Fruit Trees Updated!

Vanessa has very kindly done a stock-take of the Grow Sheffield Fruit trees, and has then updated the stock lists.Fruit Trees

They are on the fruit trees page here!

If you’d like a proper ‘Sheffield’ fruit tree (or more then one!) that has been specifically grown for our local climate using only organic methods, then you really should check out the page and get in touch.

We’ll hopefully be grafting some new trees this coming March to continue this very popular project.

Stay tuned for details!