Sheffield Fruit Trees

This wonderful project continues…

A new group has been formed and the features and principles remain


The project aims to:-

  • Promote fruit tree planting in our city – in gardens, allotments, waste spaces, orchards
  • Provide fruit for the future
  • Educate and train in grafting and pruning
  • Preserve local tree varieties

Our trees are:-

  • Raised chemical-free;
  • Grafted with graft wood sourced from local trees
  • Tended by our friends and supporters –
  • All suited to a Yorkshire climate.
  • Mulched with hops from local breweries.
Get in Touch

For prices and availability,
leave Daniele a message on 07535653842 or email:

Plant one (or more!) and help us keep local varieties thriving. Plant a small orchard!

Potted trees are available for purchase all year round, however, bare-root trees are only available for sale during dormant season (Nov – Mar).

We have a number of nursey sites across the city. Please give us a ring or send an email if you’d like to talk about what we have in stock, prices and ways to purchase.

Grafting Workshop - Pete and Daniele demonstrate
Rick & Andrew tending trees May 2014 small
Richmond Park - planting fruit trees