Another great year for abundance in 2009. We picked vast amounts of plums, damsons, and gages at the start of the season which almost made up for the below par apple harvest. We had a fantastic number of volunteers involved in this year’s project with over 150 people on our email list.

We distributed fruit to over 20 venues across the city including Highfield Library, Ben’s Centre, the Archer Project, the Sunday Centre, nurseries, Surestarts and the Salvation Army.

Abundance was split into different teams to cover different areas of the city. We had 4 fully-functioning, semi-autonomous groups covering the southwest, central, northwest, greystones and burngreave/pitsmoor areas of the city. Hopefully this number will continue to grow in 2010.
Our wonderful collaboration with Trikes For Transport continued – delivering the fruit using three wheels and a lot of muscle.

Abundance projects continue to germinate across the country – there is a lively network of projects including Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Edinburgh and several in London and an active national Abundance networking site.

Lots of orders have been placed for the Handbook. We also made an incursion into the chutney market. We held twelve workshops throughout the season in 2 venues and made 150 jars which were sold locally(See Chutney pics) All the profits went straight back into the running of the project.

Stephen and AM have been giving talks and giving practical support to projects across the UK including across the UK and up north in Scotland.

Thanks to everyone involved, the people who own and have planted the trees across the city.