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We found greengages, plums, damsons, pears, quince, apples (cookers and eaters) hazelnuts, walnuts, apricots, figs and peaches.

Over 35 volunteers of all ages and many different backgrounds harvested and proccessed the fruit.

We distributed fruit to Surestarts across Sheffield, community cafes and individuals.

We harvested trees across the city on industrial waste sites, road-sides and the grounds of mansions.

We received tip offs by text and email as to where to find ripe fruit trees.

The greatest journey any fruit travelled from tree to mouth was 5 miles

We found at least 30 varieties of apple and more than 10 varieties of pears

We gave out hundreds of fruits and lots of freshly squeezed juice in Sheffield city centre and Meadowhall Shopping Centre.

Over 30 people have attended fruit tree pruning workshops.

We have planted fruit trees and soft fruit bushes in public spaces.

We’ve made some dreadful cider.

We have only just touched on what is out there and what gets wasted.

We left plenty for the birds.

Sheffield is one big orchard.

Thanks to everyone involved in Abundance Sheffield 07.