ALLOTMENT SOUP is an annual creative and artistic harvest celebration. The aim of the event is to celebrate food growing and allotment culture.
Allotment Soup is a family event which aims to :
• Encourage greater interest in allotments and food growing
• raise awareness of local food and growing
• get people in the outdoors
• encouraging community cohesion and interaction
• nurture greater understanding and awareness of the natural world
• demonstrate the links between culture and agri-culture – the role of creativity and the arts in engaging with our environment in particular growing food and the seasonal cycles.

Allotment holders are invited to open up their plot to host an installation or event as part of Allotment Soup. The artists/performers/poets are encouraged to respond to the particular allotment in which they are working ie creating new, original work in response to the site and the season.

If you are interested in taking part or hosting next year’s event contact: [email protected]