Abundance Spring Grafting Workshops
This spring we have been busy grafting, connecting scion wood from our favourite varietes of apples, pears and quinces onto mm106 and quince A rootstocks.
We have now grafted about 350 trees, and held four free workshops on how to graft, which were all fun and successful, giving away a grafted tree to each who came along.
Once grafted, the baby trees were cycled off to little nurseries across the city and are now under the watchful eyes of their foster parents.
This coming winter we will be selling and giving away the 350 fruit trees at farmers markets, community events and seed swaps, so keep your ears to the ground! We are going to reinvest any money we make on the trees on buying more rootstocks for next year and covering basic costs for abundance, which currently relies upon a small amount of funding. watch this space for more info…..

The beauty of fruit trees….
In 5 years time these trees will start to crop. Each one of these trees has the potential to produce up to 200 kg of fruit, when fully grown, which will be about 15 years or more, with nothing more than the occasional prune once a year. This means that our 350 trees have the potential to add another 70 tons of fruit per year into the city in 15 years time or so. Hurray ! We feel and believe that planting fruit trees is the best way to ensure food security for the future, since once we have planted the trees, our main job is simply to turn up and pick the fruit and make use of it ! We encourage everyone to plant at least one tree in there lifetime!

Stephen, Pete and the abundance team