Finally after eighteen months of labour and sweating over computers, pencils, pens and apples we proudly present to you the Abundance Handbook – a guide to harvesting fruit in the city. As the book says this is experience and knowledge gleaned from our very specific experience of Sheffield and what is has to offer and share..hopefully there will be some seeds of knowledge and nuggets of wisdom here for everyone.

You can now buy a printed version of the booklet from us.

These cost £6.50 each plus £1.50 p+p.

Please email [email protected] with your order details and payment preference. You can pay by bank transfer or cheque.

There are two other versions : A PDF online viewing version and a PDF Booklet version. It is A5 (half A4 see below*)

If you download the viewing one you will be able to read it on screen logically one page after the other.

If you download the Booklet version the sequence of pages is designed so that you can print it to make up a booklet.

The viewing version CAN also be printed if you have Adobe Reader 8 or later AND choose the booklet option in the printer dialogue screen.

To print the Booklet version you print all odd pages (*visually these look like 2 pages) and then you take the paper out and place it back in the paper feed of your printer to print the other side BUT this time click even pages.

If you wish to make a donation towards the cost of producing the handbook we would be very appreciative.




Its 60 pages in all but using these methods you will only use 15 pages of paper. The colour version is beautiful but if you are using the Handbook in the field you may want to print in black and white or photocopy it.

Reproduce freely! This handbook is published under a creative commons licence. We also welcome any other donations (address on contact page) as we are a small community group and all the work on this Handbook and the project is do ne for free!!

Email us any comments, feedback on [email protected]
Enjoy the read and especially the harvesting!!