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Upcoming Events

Peace in the Park, Saturday 9th June, 12pm-8pm, The Ponderosa. Map here

Come down to the Ponderosa for Sheffield’s best free festival where Abundance and Community Growers volunteers will be giving away ‘peas in the park’, elderflowers for cordial-making and lots of other fun activities!


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———————————————————————————GROW! Staff Team

The new GROW! project staff team is now up and running.

After a gruelling recruitment process (for us) with more competent candidates than we could have wished for, the team were finally chosen and began work on the various strands of the project on the 1st of September.

Here are the successful candidates and their respective roles (pictures coming soon) :

Ruth Hepworth – Community Growers Project Leader

Coralie Hopwood – GROW! Project Coordinator

Daniele Rinaudo – Abundance Project Leader

Tom James – Sheffield Food Network Project Leader   

Naomi Douglas – Communications and Marketing Officer

Tom Sutton – Big Dig Project Leader




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The Abundance Handbook is AVAILABLE to download and order (hurray!!) – follow this link for more


for pics and info from Events and activities see the events page

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