Took place on Saturday 13 October, 11am-4pm

Renga Ramble – a walk on the wild side
With Paul Conneally and Anne-Marie Culhane
This Renga Ramble involved walking from the heart of the city to a number of semi-wild green spaces and allotment gardens at Crookes and Rivelin Valley. Inspiration for the renga came from the experience of passing through different urban landscapes.


creating a poetic map of our journey.

The renga evolved from rengaramble to growerenga ending as circle of fire. Click here to see pictures of the event in progress click detail to see extracts from the renga composition


Part of the
Off the Shelf
Festival of writing and reading 2007


Renga encourages a shared creative experience – one that is enjoyed in the process o f making as much as in the completed poem.