What is a Seedy Saturday?
An opportunity for local gardeners and growers to meet up to share and exchange seeds they have saved: keeping unusual varieties alive and saving traditional crops from extinction and passing on heirloom seeds that have been adapted to local growing conditions.
Gardeners and growers have always known the value of saving their own seed and passing them on to their friends and fellow growers. This event is a chance to be part of a bigger network of seed-savers. Seedy Saturday events were pioneered in Canada by the Seed Savers Exchange. They are now happening across the UK (see

Why seeds? Seeds have are a symbol of wealth and renewal. They represent hope for the future, resilience, a concentrated store of value. Seeds are the most valuable crop we can grow. If you know a few basics, you can avoid problems like cross-pollination and produce seed that’s as good as what you buy. Many people are now worried about the issues involved with seeds, such as the monopolisation of the market by chemical companies or the introduction of genetically-modified strains.

Why Local? We are appealing for seeds with “local provenance”, heirloom varieties which might have been in the family for years. We have a variety of salad Tomato, Scarlet Knight, which has been grown in Sheffield for more than 40 years. When a seed is grown in a particular area or microclimate over three generations, it actually adapts genetically to local conditions, making it more robust and likely to succeed.

What’s happening on the day / at the event?
It will be a bit like a jumble sale for seeds. We can guarantee that there will be more than 100 varieties grown on local allotments and projects. All are welcome even if you haven’t got any seeds to swap please come along and learn about this culturally vital art and how to become part of the global network of seed savers.
N.B. You need to bring suitable paper containers for seeds, small paper bags or wage envelopes are fine.
The Venue: Walkley Community Centre is 100 m on the left up Fir Street off South Road. Fir St is opposite the Post Office on South Road and behind the Walkley Learning Centre. The venue is not fully wheelchair accessible.