ABUNDANCE TREE PLANTING On the vernal equinox (Friday 20th March) we planted 8 fruit trees with the kids of Sharrow junior school, aided by the help of Holly, the Sharrow tree warden. We planted 3 pears and 5 apples in Mount Pleasant Park, overviewed by the school in the heart of Sharrow. We made a sign for the trees and the kids made individual signs for the specific names of the trees. These will go in on the 28th March, when there is a grand opening of the park; the park has been going though development by the council, and so our fruit trees make a nice addition to the refurbished city park. Together we pre-dug the holes for the kids to make it a easier for them, we added mushroom compost and volcanic rock dust, we prepared the stake to hold them in place.we planted then mulched with wood chip.



Funding came from the Tree Council, and the trees were purchased by the Agroforestry Research Trust.

Many thanks to all involved. A deeply rewarding experience.