As part of the volunteer drive for the 2009 Abundance project there was a film screening of ‘Welcome to the Nitty Gritty: an exploration in urban fruit picking’ by Daniele Rinaudo in the Access Space foyer from September 1st – 23rd.

Welcome to the Nitty Gritty is a film about Grow Sheffield’s own urban fruit harvesting project Abundance. Produced from footage taken during the harvest season in the autumn of 2008 it
chronicles the harvesting aspect of 2008’s project, which was a resounding success with a rough estimate of 1 ton of fruit being harvested every week at peak season. This was then distributed to over 15 community cafes, Surestarts, nurseries, refuges and individuals, who may not otherwise have access to fresh fruit, across the city.

The film itself was edited and produced using the computers and editing software at Access Space and was the first time such a project had been undertaken.

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