Help us find businesses for the Sheffield Food Network

We are currently working on the final stages of developing and testing the Sheffield Food Network online map. It’s looking good!

First, a recap: the Sheffield Food Network will be your guide to finding sustainable food  in Sheffield – food that’s independent, local and fair.

  • Independent means food that’s produced and sold by businesses that are owned and rooted here in Sheffield.
  • Local means food that’s produced in the area around us, and which doesn’t need to be transported miles to get to our plates.
  • And fair means food that may be produced outside of Sheffield, but is done so in an ethical way, whether that’s organic, fair-trade or free-range.

But we need you to help us with the next stage of the project. Now the map is nearly ready, we need to populate it with details of food businesses and projects that meet the criteria of indepedendent, local and fair. We have some already, but we know there must be more out there doing good stuff with local or fair food.

So, if you know of a great place that you think should be featured on the Sheffield Food Network map, then please get in touch and let Danny know – you can email at [email protected] or tweet @shf_foodnetwork.