Organic Gardening Course- Theory

If you fancy a bit of winter inspiration to get you ready for the next growing season take a look at the course below on offer from Androo Thornton.

How to grow your own fruit and vegetables…and eat healthily.

Understanding the theory of organic cultivation for beginners and experienced gardeners (and a few practical tips too).

Starts Wednesday 15th Jan to Wed, March 19th 2014
Times :- 7 – 9pm
Hollinsend Methodist Church hall S12 EF, on the corner of Hollinsend and Mansfield roads.
120 and 44 buses from town.

For anyone who wants to learn more about organic growing.
To enrol, questions: email- [email protected]

This course is for beginners or experienced growers. It’s a 10 week indoor course where you can look at the theory of organic gardening, soil management, ecology, sustainability and growing food naturally.

A ten week classroom based course taking you through the steps you need to grow your own food in a garden or allotment. The structure of the course will involve discussion of ideas, experiences and hopefully give you the tools to look at your garden, allotment or patio in a different light. We shall also discuss nutrition, politics of food and go down a few unplanned avenues. It will be lively and fun. Notes will e mailed out.

Over the 10 weeks we shall be looking at:-
Understanding timing and the seasons.
When to sow and harvest
Organic materials and fertilisers. What to use and when.
Composting. Soils and site planning.
Crops and how they grow.
Plant propagation – seeds and cuttings .
Growing systems Healthy plants , pests and diseases
Perennials , fruit and pruning
Seeds, harvesting and storage.