our song

abundance song

“In the city there are lots of fruitful trees

Which the people pass with outa glance

I dream that they are picking fruit

and feasting merrily


Let us bring these people to the land they’ve lost

At a lot ment soop the people dance

As they harvest forage swap their seeds

And share in the abundance


We will find the wisdom in this place

Through the people who remember

Through the plants and spirits of this land

And the rivers and the compost


We will take this knowledge to the land

And do it good and proper

We will learn the lessons as we go

And reap what we have sown


The aeroplanes are in the sky

And the climates shifting rapidly

The challenges that we must face

are just around the corner


We must look deep down into our hearts

And see our place in nature

Were a part of it not apart from it

We are interindependent


The lemonbalm and lavender,

The sage and rosemary

The apples pears and blackberries

And the mushrooms in the autumn


Runnerbeans and peas and brocoli

And the parsnips and potatos

We will find abundance in this place

through the vision of growsheffield”


Written by Stephen Watts Summer 2012