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Click here for a .pdf download of the current list of distribution points for our Abundance Project.

If you have ripe fruit that is in danger of simply falling to the ground and rotting, why not give the nearest organisation to you a call or send them an email?


All fruit is gratefully received and goes directly to those who need it most.


Click here to download our ‘Abundance Handbook’. For details on how to print this out, click here.

Click here to download our ‘Abundance Training Manual’.

We give presentations to local, regional and international community organisations, sharing info and inviting discussion.We do not charge but any donations are very gratefully received.

If you are interested in training/presentation for your organisation just get in touch.

We share the whereabouts of many local public fruit trees via this website.


How do we harvest a fruit tree? In 2016 we made a film about what we do & how to harvest a fruit tree. You can view it here.


For more info and to get involved email [email protected] or [email protected] or ring Lucy on 07984 310 412

Facebook– Join the group- Abundance Sheffield Project

Become a friend of Abundance Sheff (Facebook profile used for info and promotion of activities only)

We are a community collective would like to say a massive thank you very much to all Abundance volunteers, tree owners, glass jar donors, donors, New Roots shop (Glossop Rd) Sharrow Community Forum, Regather, Parson Cross initiative, Timebuilders, Shipshape Health and Wellbeing Centre, and of course Grow Sheffield for making Abundance happen!