The Sheffield Food Network Website is Now Fully Live

In recent weeks and months, we’ve been quietly working hard in the background to re-vamp the Sheffield Food Network site.

It was looking a little old and tired, so we’ve brought it right back up to date with a new look and some new features.sfn_logo

When we showcased it last Saturday at the ‘Soup in the City’ event down at Union St., it was well received, but people were asking just what it can do and what we have planned for it.

Apart from the ‘look’ of the site, we’ve added the following:-

  • For businesses and groups who are currently on the map, above their address, we’ve added space for a few lines about what they do. Existing businesses are encouraged to email us with the changes or additions they’d like to see to their pages.
  • We’ve added explicit links to their own websites/Facebook or Twitter accounts (if applicable), along with telephone number, email address and contact name.
  • As well as a better individual map to show users exactly where their business or organisation is, we’ve added a space beneath for a relevant photograph.
  • For the user, there is now a large, friendly search box which will pull up likely candidates in a search, and from there, the user can click on the most suitable ‘hit’.
  • Users can now register with the site to ‘Log In’ to take part in discussions about local food. We encourage you to try it out.
  • A Newsletter feature. This is still in ‘Alpha’ (Not even Beta), so it doesn’t yet work, but over the next few days we’ll hopefully get this properly functioning so you can subscribe to a monthly or quarterly newsletter. We’re thinking this newsletter could have a ‘featured business/organisation’, and things like money-off coupons to print out and maybe the odd seasonal recipe or two. We’re open to ideas on this.
  • There will be other features added as they are suggested. Again, we’re open to ideas on this!